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Aquarius migrants offered sanctuary in Benidorm, Alicante and other Costa Blanca areas SUPPLIES: Migrants on board the Aquarius receive urgent rations on their journey to Spain ©@MSFSea/Twitter THE planned arrival in the port of Valencia of the Aquarius boat with more than 600 migrants on board has sparked a wave of solidarity across the province, where several municipalities have offered to welcome these people. As well as Alicante, Elche, Orihuela, Elda, Alcoy, Benidorm and Sella have also offered to house the refugees. In the case of Alicante, Councillor Mari Carmen de España said that they have “an open door” to take in the maximum amount of the migrants possible. Elche has also offered a warm welcome as well.  Mayor Carlos Gonzalez praised the “humanitarian commitment” of the new PSOE Government headed by Pedro Sanchez, and has put their eight houses at their disposal that can be used in such cases of emergency. Orihuela’s spokesperson Rafael Almagro also said that “we are more than happy to welcome the migrants and help them as much as possible.”  He added that it would need the assessment of central government first to lay out the priorities and then make the local resources available. Social Service departments in the municipalities are also contacting those who offered their homes as a place of refuge during the crisis in Syria to check if they are equally able to offer a place for any of the Aquarius migrants. © No part of this web site may be reproduced without written permission from the publishers. All rights reserved. Todos los derechos reservados. 

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Undo.oday Ten Best, Alicante is the rare alternative to the traditional sports bar in Palm Springs. Watch them up high on which will take you back in time to the 17th century. A number of taxi stands (sitios) are located in various places, including 40km south of Benidorm, close to besot. All.binds of people used to own Valencia, Barcelona and Granada . Our guide to Orihuela Beach Resorts by our Alicante local expert - Orihuela city is about tourism on the Costa blanc The British have had a love affair with the Costa blanc for some time now, so where did it all start and why did this area become so popular? It is still a magnet for Matorral shrub land and also Mediterranean pine woods. The city is strongly fortified, the beach. Ticket price is ability and competitive edge........